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veeam 7 nfc storage connection is unavailable sslv3

2016-01-22 · Posted in VMWare

The issue is resolved in Veeam 8 Update 3.

Alternatively, you can enable SSLv3 within VMware vSphere:
For v6:
http://kb.vmware.com/kb/2121021 Under the heading “Enable support for SSLv3 on Authd service 902 in ESXi”
For v5.5:

Authd – Port 902

To enable/disable protocol:

The SSL/TLS configuration file for authd is stored in /etc/vmware/esx.conf with entry like:

To enable protocols by logging in to the ESXi Command Shell:

1)Log in to ESXi using putty.exe.

2)By default SSLv3 is disabled, run the following command to enable it:

3)Command to get the disabled protocols for authd is:

where:Path: /UserVars/VMAuthdDisabledProtocols
Type: string
Int Value: 0
Default Int Value: 0
Min Value: 0
Max Value: 0
String Value: sslv3
Default String Value: sslv3
Valid Characters: *Description: VMAuthd disabled protocols. By default, sslv3 is disabled. If you want to enable sslv3, set the setting to empty.Note: This is a host profile advanced user setting.


Configuration of the Authd can also be captured through host profile by following these steps:

If you do not change the configuration for authd, it may not get displayed in the host profile UI. You can trigger it by just changing it with ESXCLI command.

1)Log in to VC with vSphere Web Client.

2)Right click the target host and click Extract Host Profile to create a new hostprofile.

3)After the hostprofile is created, navigate to Home > Host Profiles > your_host_profile to edit it.

4)In the Edit Host Profiles tab, you can find the entry for authd under [Advanced Configuration Settings] > [Advanced Options] > [Advanced Configuration Options] > userVars.VMAuthdDisabledProtocols

5)The application of authd in host profile is the same as other settings. If the configuration for authd is included in host profile, difference between host profile and target host for authd is displayed and replaced when choosing the target host to apply the host profile.

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