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How can I get an email alert when RAID array is degraded? VMware ESXi 5.0, MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i

2012-11-10 · Posted in VMWare

Here’s what I had to do:

1)Download MegaRAID SAS VMware SMIS Provider VIB from the Support & Downloads.

2)Enable SSH on my ESXi host. This involved the following steps:

Go to the Configuration tab for the host in vSphere Client

Select “Security Profile” under Software

Click the “Properties…” hyperlink next to Services

Click on “SSH” in the list, then “Options…”, then “Start”

3)Use scp to copy the VIB file to /tmp on the host:

4)Log into the host via SSH:

5)Install the VIB file:

6)If you got signature errors during the installation, install with the option –no-sig-check(official documentation states you can change the sig-check level, but i could not install regardless of the level):

7)Reboot the ESXi host

After the reboot, the “Host storage status” alarm fired as expected when I pulled a drive, so I’m a happy bunny :-)

For completeness, here’s what I had to do to get it to send me an email when the alarm triggered:

1)Configure SMTP settings

  • Log into the vCenter Server using vSphere Client
  • From the menu, select View / Administration / Server Settings…
  • Click on “Mail” in the panel on the left
  • Enter the name of the SMTP server and sender account (this is kind of lame – would be nice if we could specify a port to connect to, SSL, authentication etc.)
  • Click OK

2)Configure the alarm to send email

  • From the menu, select View / Inventory / Hosts and Clusters
  • In the tree view on the left, click on the object where you want to configure the alarm – either at the top level (which will affect all hosts) or an individual host
  • Select the “Alarms” tab
  • At the top of the list of alarms, make sure “View: Definitions” is selected
  • Locate “Host storage status” in the list of alarms and double-click it
  • Go to the “Actions” tab
  • Add a new “Send a notification email” action
  • In the “Configuration” column next to your new action, enter the email address you need the alarm sent to
  • You probably also want to make sure “Once” is selected in each of the last 4 columns, so you’ll be notified every time the status changes

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