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MFA Shows Disabled, But Being Used

2024-02-19 · Posted in Office365

When I visit Azure Active Directory -> Users -> Multi-Factor Authentication, our initial accounts show “Multi-Factor Auth Status” as “Disabled”, but we are seeing MFA prompts.  I find it confusing that something shows “disabled” that is really turned on somehow???  Is there more than one type of MFA?

We just received a trial for G1 as part of building a use case for moving to Office 365.  I setup the tenant space by confirming our identity and I am a Global Administrator.  I was prompted to setup MFA on my second logon, but I don’t recall being offered any option other than text message.  My understanding is that I had to turn on MFA for our accounts so I just setup SMS to get logged on the second time.

Try this:

1)Go to https://portal.azure.com
2)Use the search bar on the upper middle part of the page and search of “Azure Active Directory”.
3)Under Azure Active Directory, search for Properties on the left-hand panel. It is in-between of User Settings and Security.
4)Under the Properties, click on Manage Security defaults.
5)Under the Enable Security defaults, toggle it to NO.
6)Wait for few minutes for propagation then try to sign-in using InPrivate or Incognito.

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