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Unable to Upgrade to VCSA 6.7U1

2022-10-05 · Posted in VMWare

I’m trying to update my VCSA from Version 6.7.0d to 6.7.0U1
My Current Version :
Build Number: 9451876
Trying to Update to Build Number 10244745 Released on 16-OCT-2018
My Vcenter does not find an update when using VMware Appliance Management logged in as Root.
Checked CD ROM (Mounted ISO) + URL (Default repository) shows No applicable update found
When I mount the ISO on my windows PC and try and upgrade using the UI, I get the below error
Source machine version is 6.7 and this installer is 6.7.
2018-11-01T11:11:58.362Z – info: sourceVcService: Source VC Version=6.7, minVersion=6, maxVersion=6.7
2018-11-01T11:11:58.362Z – error: sourceVcService: Source VC version is not supported: vcVersion=6.7.0, minVersion=6
2018-11-01T11:11:58.363Z – error: Source VC version check failed
Not too sure if I am missing something here.

Lets try to set custom repository URL to:

Than check and it should serve you update to (6.7U1).
Funny is, that this is exactly the same URL as set default, but with default setting updater find nothing.

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