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pfSense: disable firewall with pfctl -d

This post title says it all, if you are stuck and have access to the pfsense console then get to the Shell with “8” and execute a “pfctl -d” where the -d will temporally disable the firewall (you should see the confirmation in the shell “pf disabled”, where pf is the packet filter = FIREWALL)

Now you can log into the WAN side IP address and govern the pfsense again.

any changes to the firewall rules or reload of the firewall rules will enable the firewall again, you can always disable the firewall from console again if needed. James, same procedure as every year …

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  1. Yeah, or you cuold use an ssh tunnel to forward your https-port to your local machine.
    I dont think above ide is to usefull, comming to security.
    use vpn or ssh tunneling for bringing the gui to your localbrowser

    ssh example for tunneling https to you local machine
    xx=your ssh port, not needed if default port, can thus be omitted
    xx/xx=path to sshkey if used not needed if default keyname and default location can thus also be omitted

    ssh -p XX -i XX/XX root@pfsense-machine-ip -L 443:localhost:443
    or for default settings
    ssh root@pfsense-machine-ip -L 443:localhost:443
    now just access the pfsense-gui by or https://localhost
    you can ofc change the ports if you happen to have dont that on your pfsense side, or have the https occupied by something else locally.
    have fun!

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